This textbook is edited by Samantha Looker-Koenigs, an associate professor of English and Director of First-Year Writing at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh and is ideal for a first-year writing course on linguistic difference and academic writing. The first first three chapters (“How Does Language Reflect and Create Who We Are?” “How Does Language Affect How Others Perceive Us?” and “How Does Language Change (Whether We Like It or Not)?”) are helpful for any course on language difference and include a variety of genres, such as opinion pieces, literacy narratives, and arguments. The final two chapters (“What Do We Do When We Write?” and “What Does it Mean to Write ‘Academically’?”) include articles from within rhetoric and composition.

What I really appreciate about this textbook is that it contextualizes “academic discourse” as one discourse among many. Therefore, this textbook includes a translingual approach to language difference, but also meets requirements for first-year writing programs that focus on “academic writing.”

While TCU courses are focused on inquiry and argumentative writing, rather than academic writing, this textbook is still very useful for a course on language difference. This is the main textbook for the sample 10803 syllabus that you can find here.

One final benefit of this textbook is the affordable cost for students. I’m a fan of the Bedford Spotlight Reader Series in general and have used several of their other readers in the past.

Language Diversity and Academic Writing. Edited by Samantha Looker-Koenigs. Bedford/St. Martin’s. 2018.

Textbook: Academic Discourse and Language Difference
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