This section collects teaching resources to help develop a translingual classroom ecology. At the moment, teaching resources and translingual assessment reflect my own pedagogy. But, in the future, TCU writing instructors who practice a translingual approach to writing instruction will contribute.

Teaching Resources

Teaching resources include readings, writing assignments, activities, and textbooks to help develop a translingual classroom. Each blog post includes contextual information about how I have used these materials in my own courses.

Translingual Sample Syllabi

Coming soon... Sample syllabi for 10803T and 20803 courses. The syllabi model a translingual approach to the WCO courses at TCU and maybe be adapted or used wholesale.

Translanguaging Assessment 

This page attempts to answer the question of how to assess translingual student work. By drawing on Jerry Won Lee's "Beyond Translingual Writing" and my own grading contracts and rubrics, I attempt to translanguage writing assessment for TCU.

Meeting TCU Written Communication Outcomes

English 10803 and 20803 are two courses in the TCU Core Curriculum and must meet Written Communication outcomes. This section discusses how a translingual approach can meet and exceed learning outcomes.

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