TCU's 10803: Writing as Inquiry and 20803: Writing Argument are part of the TCU Core Curriculum and meet Writing Competencies 1 and 2, respectively. One concern about translanguaging your classroom might be meeting the outcomes of writing courses. However, I would argue that a translingual class cannot only meet the established writing outcomes, but can also contextualize, interrogate, and complicate these outcomes in productive ways.

My definition of "translanguaging" includes recognizing and openly discussing how Western forms of discourse and notions of "academic discourse" are one approach to language-use among many. Translanguaging seeks to call attention toWestern academic discourse or the supposedly unmarked, neutral "Standard Edited American English" is contextual, negotiable, and a site of power. Therefore, translanguaging the written communication outcomes includes recognizing and understanding academic writing as a privileged discourse, but also expanding knowledge beyond this limited view of language.

Below, you will find the outcomes for 10803 and 20803 with an explanation of a translingual approach to each outcome.

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